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UTV, ATV and Scooter parts for units manufactured by Chongqing Huansong Ind. Group Co. LTD and distributed by: Hisun, Bennche, Big Muddy, Massimo, Qlink, Supermach / US Titan, Precision and JMC.

Starting Motor Pair Gearwheel and Gearwheel Shaft

Diagram Number Part Number Part Name And Standard Quantity
1 31220-F12-0000 pair gearwheel 1
2 31230-F12-0000 pair gearwheel shaft 1
3 31240-F12-0000 gear with plate type 1
4 90610-F12-0000 washer 25×36×1 1
5 31100-F11-0000 one way machine 1
6 GB/T 70.1-2000 inner sexangle bolt M8×16,cylinder head 6